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The vision and objective of EXPANDACAMP is to become a household name and brand for the best customised outdoor camping trailer extensions the outdoor camper has ever seen.


The AIM of the EXPANDACAMP design is to build a luxury, low-cost, very high valued, outdoor camping trailer extension, for the existing and/or new outdoor camper, with their standard 6’ or 7’ trailer, accommodating most of their current camping gear (already acquired), packaged into a EXPANDACAMP custom design and build. Your stunning and practical designed custom-made camping trailer, will convince others campers to also upgrade to the EXPANDACAMP design, for a very Luxurious camping experience.


EXPANDACAMP characterises the ideal low cost, high quality, compacted, highly versatile, stand-alone; kitchenette, and/or sleeping quarters with on-board cooker top, double wash-tray with hot and cold water, ample all-round lighting, with a solar electrical charging and switching unit with ample cell phone USB/Cigarette Lighter 12VDC plugin unites. Fitted with 220VAC plugs when camping at camp sites which has electrical power. Additionally, the state of the art REVERSE OSMOSE water purification system included, ensures safe drinking water all the time.


The unit also comes with “Ammo-Crate” type soft clothing drawers, port-a-potty for the lady campers, with stylish hot and cold water shower.

Everything and more, that the rugged and not-so rugged everyday camper and loved ones, will cherish every time they go camping for a well-deserved outdoor experience.

If you have any existing camping gear, it surely will fit with ease into any of our “Camping Units”. Alternatively minor customisation can be negotiated (also, see specified technical specification list).

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